Mozart Chocolate Energy Drink™ is a Luxury Energy Drink!

What do you really know about chocolate? Did you know that it can give you the same sensation as falling in love? Did you know that chocolate is an antidepressant?

Yes chocolate is a tonic both for the body and the mind. It provides lots of energy in a very small volume. This high energy value is due to its principal nutrients: carbohydrates (sugars) and fatty acids.

The sugars can be easily assimilated by the organism to which they give a boost in low periods or during physical effort. It is also a re-generative food for intellectuals, thanks to its mineral salts, oligo-elements and its vitamins. It also contains substances such as theobromine, which stimulate the nervous system and encourage concentration.

Today we know that chocolate is not really an aphrodisiac, however it contains a natural substance, phenylethylamine, which provokes in the body the same reaction as when you fall in love.




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